Mercedes, The creator of Style it with Trix, comes from a family with roots in the fashion industry and has decided to pursue a career in fashion for her own life as well. She studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, located in NYC, on Fashion Avenue. Mercedes does not have one distinct, everyday style, but instead, she prefers to allow her style to constantly change, mirroring a world of fashion which is always in flux.


When it comes to clothing, Mercedes is all about mixing luxury pieces with the more affordable pieces. However, her largest splurges are typically on shoes and bags because those are, without a doubt, any girl’s most important accessories.


Besides styling herself, she loves styling her four-legged friend Trixie just as much…hence where the name “Style it with Trix”originated. Check back to catch a glimpse into Mercedes’s world, Trixie’s world, their everyday style, and more.