Heidi Klum’s Boyfriend, Vito, Denies Cheating Allegations. Does Klum Believe Him?

Photos of Klum’s boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, kissing a dark haired beauty surfaced yesterday. Klum was working on America’s Next Top Model and was in New York, while Schnabel was in London when this incident occurred and was photographed. Schnabel made a statement to PEOPLE in regards to the controversial situation: “The claims that have been made are a misinterpretation of an entirely innocent situation. There is nothing more to this than I was simply saying goodnight to a family friend and we went on our separate ways.” Klum was questioned in response to this situation, and she responded, “I’m very much in love.”

This isn’t Schnabel’s first rodeo with respect to being accused of cheating on Klum. Back in 2015, Schnabel was seen on a date with Dakota Johnson, and a source reported that they were holding hands. He was also seen out with Dasha Zhukova, during which time an eyewitness stated that the duo was “caressing, hugging” and that Schnabel was “whispering into Dasha’s ear.”

Does Klum need to open her eyes?


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