90’s Throwback

90’s Throwback

Adidas Sneakers, Bomber Jackets, and high waisted jeans…does that ring a bell? My entire outfit is a total 90’s throwback. The infamous trends that were in back then have made a major comeback, and I am certainly not complaining! I would be raiding my mom’s closet if she still had her outfits from then. I’m definitely most excited about the Adidas Superstar Sneakers. Due to their neutrality and versatility, it would be a challenge to find a look that wouldn’t match well with them. They match with nearly everything, whether it be denim or a dress. If Adidas made superstars for dogs, Trix would totally be rocking a pair, but her adidas hoodie made up for her lack of sneakers.

It’s finally feeling like spring in New York, and I’m praying that the weather stays this nice because taking pictures is definitely more enjoyable when Trix and I aren’t freezing while trying to look cute. Before we know it, Trix and I will be lounging poolside in bikinis, dreading even the very thought of Winter! Besides being poolside in a bikini, I will also be rocking these amazing blue mirror aviators all summer long. Check them out at brightsideeyewear.com!

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IMG_3362 (2)

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Shop my look:

Bomber Jacket: Mystique Boutique NYC (similar)| Bodysuit: American Apparel | Black Jeans: Zara | Sneakers: Adidas Superstars | Sunglasses: Brightside Eyewear

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