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Looking forward to entering God’s house every Sunday but stumbling on what to wear? Let me help you, because there’s nothing wrong with praising the Lord in style! Lol! When it comes to dressing for church, I believe that formal looks are always a better option. Casual wear is rarely in the cards for me on Sundays. I personally look forward to that one day a week where I can dress up as much as I please without there being a worry or a wonder if I’m overdressed! Lately I have been sticking with classic, clean silhouettes. My church color palette has lately consisted of black and white tones. Black and white will never go out of style, so you just can’t go wrong. For this week’s look, I went with a crisp, white short sleeve blouse, and black culottes. The sleeves on this blouse and the flared leg really provided some shape to this look, and both pieces complemented each other quite well! This outfit allowed me to put a spin on the the classic suit that most women wear on Sundays, and instead, produced a trendier, toned down version!

About 5 months ago, I started this blog, and in that short timespan my blog has experienced an immense amount of growth. Many have wondered and questioned how I accomplished all of this in such a short time, and others have just flat out said I got lucky. I just want to make it known that I didn’t get lucky, but instead I was blessed. All that I have experienced was promised to me by God and answered through prayer. I just want to share one of my favorite verses with you all, which is Psalm 37:4: “Take delight in the lord and he Will give you desires of your heart.” As much as I would like to applaud myself for all of this growth and my blogs idea, it wasn’t me, but instead, God…all glory to him. I can faithfully say that without God none of this would be possible!

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Top: Zara (similar) | Culottes: Zara (similar) | Bag: Céline | Pom Pom Keychain: Michael Kors | Shoes: Christian Louboutin


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