Must Have: Greats Brand All White Sneakers

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If I had to choose one item that every man and woman needs in their closet, the award would rightfully be awarded to a pair of white sneakers! The list as to why you need a pair can go on and on, but the two most important reasons are because they are versatile and comfortable! White sneakers go with absolutely everything and anything; it would be an actual struggle to put together a look that wouldn’t look acceptable with them. They are perfect for everyday wear, and they are a shoe that you will get the most use out of in your closet. Since you will be living in your white sneakers, it’s so important to choose the right brand when purchasing! The white sneakers that my boyfriend and I live in are from Greats Brand! Although, we aren’t personally into matching, unlike the way Trix and I are…we can’t help but show up wearing the same sneakers time and time again. These sneakers run extremely true to size, and are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever come across. For example, for a day in Disney where I know I will be walking way over 10,000 steps…I can confidently say my feet wouldn’t hurt a bit if I were to wear my Greats Brand Sneakers. I am already thinking ahead and looking forward to pairing my kicks with cute, flirty dresses and rompers in the spring/summer season! You can find the link to the sneakers we are wearing below the next paragraph!

Well, everyone…meet Henry! Otherwise known as Trix’s boyfriend, or my boyfriend’s dog! Every time I look at Henry, I’m amazed at the fact that I convinced Justin to get him. Since I grew up with chihuahuas, I would never stray away from the breed. Before I came into the picture and actually even while we were in our beginning stages of dating, my boyfriend was not a fan of chihuahuas. He was into the whole big, “tough guy” type of dog! Well, one night that all changed when we decided to go look at puppies on date night! We both said it would be just for fun, but as we came across this 2 pound brown little baby chihuahua…I just knew someway I had to have him! I already had 3 chihuahuas at my house, and I knew it would be a struggle convincing my boyfriend to leave with him because he was so not into the idea of a “pocket dog!” But as we kept making trips to see him, eventually Justin became as obsessed with Henry as I was, and he ended up bringing him home – and giving him a great home at that! And…we all lived happily ever after in chihuahua heaven! Trix has her man, and I have mine! 😉


Mercedes & Trix

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My look:

Sneakers: Greats Brand | Burgundy Moto Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) (similar) | Sweater: Revolve (similar) | Jeans: L’agence | Lariat Choker: Amazon

His look:

Sneakers: Greats Brand | Moto Jacket: H&M | Grey Sweatshirt: H&M | Jeans: Express | Sunglasses: Ray Ban (similar)


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