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My favorite accessory to date is a pair of bold and colorful statement earrings. Most of the jewelry pieces I own are rather delicate, but when it comes to earrings, I have been gravitating towards more dramatic ones! I am most definitely stepping up my ear game!  When it comes to styling, I find that pairing a colorful statement earring with a simple monochromatic look works best and is also visually appealing. If you wear a dramatic statement earring, I think it’s important to remember that keeping the rest of your outfit simple will prevent you from possibly overdoing it. Believe me, less is more! The other reason why I love statement earrings is that they can add that pop of color that an outfit can so truly need! For example, today I wore an all black look, and my beaded earrings from Bonita Pina added so much vibrance to a once colorless look. These earrings are like little works of art; they never fail to complete an outfit, and they are under $25! It doesn’t get much better than that! Trix is in the midst of waiting patiently for Bonita Piña to add dog earrings to their collection ;)!

Ok guys, so on my last post, I mentioned that I was thinking about adding another social media platform into the mix! I decided to go for it, and I just launched my first video on Youtube!  I dedicated my first video to my awesome followers. I posted a Q&A video so that I can personally answer questions that you all had asked me, in hopes that you will all get to know me better! Please leave a comment below or on Youtube, and let me know how I did. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you for the love and constant support!


Mercedes & Trix

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Earrings: Bonita Piña | Sweater: Forever 21 | Jeans: L’agence | Bag: Céline

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