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 Trend alert: Gingham patterns have made waves this season. Since I was a catholic school girl, I can’t help but remember the gingham patterned skirts that I wore almost everyday for 12 years straight. Believe it or not, I am actually not sick of this pattern, and I am glad it is making a come back! Trix also couldn’t contain her excitement when her friends at Willowear sent her this gingham bandana! Today I decided to incorporate some gingham into my look by pairing this printed blouse with white jeans and single strap heels! I have seen countless bloggers pair gingham on gingham, but I don’t think I am that bold yet! Maybe in the fall I will take that step, but as of right now, this wrap blouse made a statement on its own! This top looks as if it came right off the runway, due to its details and designer brand appearance. The ruched sleeves and shoulder baring neckline on this blouse sold me instantly because I am currently into more shaped garments rather than form fitting ones. I purchased this top from Storets…which has been one of my favorite online stores more recently, due to their unique affordable, and trendy merchandise! Can’t wait to incorporate some gingham into my fall wardrobe! Stay tuned loves!

Happy Hump day people! I’m itching to get to Friday because I feel like this has been the longest week ever, and I am in desperate need of the weekend. Since school is less than 3 weeks away, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed since I will be juggling 2 jobs, school work, and most importantly, this blog. Scheduling and time management will without a doubt be my best friend next semester! Your daily likes, comments, and emails is what keeps me so motivated and makes me want to achieve more and more each day, so please keep them coming! Thank you all so much! Hope you have a Happy Wednesday!


Mercedes & Trix

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  1. I love the new gingham trend! I think it is so fun and definitely a trend I look forward to incorporating into my autumn wardrobe.
    My school uniform’s skirt was also gingham/check, but regardless I’m still ready to wear this pattern (maybe just in a top rather than a skirt!) haha.

    lovely post.

    Maija Lily Xx

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