3 Favorite Bloggers

In today’s post, I wanted to share some love for my top 3 favorite bloggers that I currently enjoy following! Being a fellow blogger myself, I admire and have tremendous amount of respect towards the 3 women that I’m about to mention. I can truly relate to the amount of work and dedication that goes into our jobs on a daily basis. To be honest, my list of favorites is constantly changing. It’s really all about who is inspiring me in the moment.

My favorite blogger is Arielle Charnas, who created the blog “Something Navy.” She has been a favorite of mine for years now, and I’m confident that will never change. This girl simply does no wrong. She always looks so elegant and chic without overdoing it. I was lucky enough to meet her twice. Meeting her in person  made me love her even more. She is as authentic as they come. The person that she displays on social media is identical to who she is in real life. She is so humble and is truly beautiful inside and out. I’m excited to continue to follow along on her style and life adventures. Check her out below!



Another current favorite blogger of mine is Christine Andrew from “Hello Fashion Blog.” Her style and her family are life goals! I live for her casual OOTD’s, and I love that she regularly mixes in affordable pieces with designer pieces. Moreover, I appreciate that she constantly showcases her picture perfect family – providing insights into her real life on her blog! Check her out below!


Lastly, I have been quite inspired by Erica Hoida from Fashioned Chic. Her Instagram page is street style heaven. Her photography is next level, and she styles denim like no one else. If you want to take your “basic” look to the next level and to look as chic as ever, you must follow Erica! Check her out below!



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