4 Ways To Jumpstart A Healthier Lifestyle!


1.) Invest in some cute workout clothes!! – I swear this one works! A cute two piece set or a pair of leggings that hugs you in the right places definitely adds to motivation when it comes to working out! The better I look the better I feel!! My current go to store for the cutest activewear is Nordstrom Rack. The quality is amazing, the labels are designer, and the prices are affordable…no complaints here!

2.) Drink a glass of water before every meal! – Studies say that it is healthiest to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I am definitely guilty of not drinking even close to that on a daily basis. Monitoring my fluid intake is something that I am constantly forgetting to do. In order to stay on track, I recommend always drinking at least one glass of water before each meal or snack!

3.) Satisfy your sweet tooth with some fruit! – After I finish any meal, I automatically start craving sweets. Believe me, it’s so easy to reach for the chocolate or the cake, but you will definitely end up regretting it. In order to feed your sweet tooth minus the regrets, I recommend opting for a piece of fruit! My favorite is a bowl of mixed berries!!

4.) Ditch the elevator; take the stairs!! – Try to implement some sort of exercise into your everyday routine. It’s better to do something rather than nothing. If you’re taking your dog out for his/her daily walk, extend their walk to make it 5 minutes longer. There’s a reason people love stair climbers. You get such a great burn. Why not get it in your daily activities like taking the stairs to your apartment or job, instead of the elevator! Small changes can impact your health in a big way!!

Hope these tips motivated you to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle! Be sure to shop my entire look from Nordstrom Rack below!

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  1. Masha /

    I’m absolutely loving your workout gear, especially the leggings! You’re totally right- cute workout clothes are motivational!

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